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On tough days

Anticipatory grief can sneak up on you without a moments notice. It’s like a literal stab of pain in your heart, the air being knocked out of your lungs, and your eyes burning by the onset of your fast flowing tears. The other day I made chili for supper. Luke and Bridget love to chow down on it. We were sitting around the table and I paused for a moment to see if either one needed anything. In the hustle and bustle of dinner I was taken aback by my observations.  We have become so quick to adjust to Bridget’s various needs that sometimes it is shocking to sit back and internalize the help that she requires. While my 2 1/2 year old was busy popping in some blueberries and scooping himself some chili, I was spoon feeding my 8 year old her dinner.  It was like a slap in the face. Is this real life?! This is not the typical progression of life. My thoughts and emotions have been riddled with how unfair life is for Bridget. Do Michael and I have daily hurdles that we have to overcome due t

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