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I don’t even know where to begin

This summer has pushed me past my comfort zone, tested me in many ways, brought incredible joy, and also completely shattered me. Did you know that all of those things could happen simultaneously??? Well, I didn’t. I always assumed that certain phases of life brought specific feelings. I never could have imagined that I would be experiencing so many emotions…so deeply…all at once. If you know me…you know that my kids are my life. As a teacher, my daytime during the school year is focused on my students and their needs. It is so hard to switch from school day / to home time and everything that encompasses. Summer is always very much anticipated to solely put 100% of my attention on Bridget, Luke, and Greta. With that comes ample amounts of time (due to Michael’s various baseball needs) with the kids and I being together…just the 4 of us. Although this is incredibly cherished time spent together, it also predominantly places all family related stressors on my shoulders. So much has chang

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