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  Receiving a call from your child’s school is always an unnerving experience (and that’s coming from a 2nd grade teacher). I know that the team that takes care of Bridget does a phenomenal job, so the fact that they chose to call me about an event that occurred during the day, must have meant that it was pretty serious.  I had just gotten home early for the day, as I was going to be taking Bridget to her annual developmental clinic doctor appointment with one of our favorite doctors. I noticed that Bridget’s school number was calling as I was finishing up a few things, I assumed that maybe there was a time mixup as I was going to be picking her up shortly, so I had Michael call them back quick while he had stopped home. As it turns out, it was not a mixup of times, but they wanted to inform us that Bridget had a pretty scary experience with choking during lunch that day. I could tell by the conversation with the nurse, that it wasn’t just scary for Bridget, but for everyone involved.

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